• Simple and effective way to aggregate inventory and audiences

  • RTB support preferred deal, private auction and open auction in real-time bidding

  • perfectly compatible with RTB and non-RTB

  • One stop to integrate:

    100000 mobile app publishers, 200000 apps and 6 billion impressions per day

  • Cover 80 million unique smartphone audiences per day

  • Multiple ad frequency capping

  • Ads, match precisely with ad request accurately

  • Perfect audience analysis, fully understand the need of every audience


  • Convenient ways to maximize mobile app monetization

  • RTB one-stop integration with almost all mobile ad networks and DSPs in China

  • Various ad format such as banner, interstitial and full screen, native ad

  • Ad is delivered in ms, guarantee revenue of every imperssion

  • Big data, audience targeting and real time bidding for optimization of eCPM

  • Independent and transparent report and payment

  • The leading integration of API and SDK

  • The largest independent third party

    ad exchange in China