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AdView unveils its Innovative Plans for a “Clean Marketplace” for both Publishers and Advertisers

by: // Saturday, September 22th, 2018-12:59 AM

By Anshul, Director of Strategic Partnership, AdView Technology

AdView, one of the world largest independent mobile programmatically advertising marketplace, recently revealed its latest strategies to provide, both Publishers and Advertisers, with access to a Clean Mobile Advertising Marketplace.

AdView, a leading Global SSP and Ad Exchange platform Head Quartered out of Beijing China, is working on creating a “Clean Marketplace” to ensure that the traffic on its platform is of the highest level of quality.

Mobile advertisers and publishers are constantly looking for a safe place – a clean platform with advanced security measures – to run mobile advertising campaigns. AdView has comprehensive plans to revamp its products with the latest technologies to safeguard mobile investments from Malware, Bots, Click frauds, and other types of external threats. Our Anti-Fraud technologies include pre-bid ad request filtering algorithms, Proxy and VPN IP blocking database, bundle id blacklist, click behavior analysis algorithm and other solutions which are designed to detect and block non-human traffic. With these technologies, we are in action to proactively identify and limit IVT traffic.

Speaking on occasion, Ethan Lin, General Manager, global business of AdView Technology stated that the company wants to ensure that advertisers have access to authentic audience and high-quality traffic for all their mobile campaigns. Additionally, they also want to ensure that publishers aren’t harmed by inappropriate ads, which negatively impact end users. He further stated that the main emphasis of this campaign is to safeguard mobile investments by making the inventory fraud-free, safe, transparent and of the best viewable quality.


AdView has ensured that advertisers get access to premium traffic quality and authentic audiences with the help of a robust set of tools and an expert team to deliver genuine results for ad campaigns. Additionally, AdView has tightened the standards for onboarding publishers on its platform. This ensures that advertisers gain access to an exceptionally clean marketplace with only the top-quality inventory and premium publishers.

When it comes to publishers, AdView ensures that they enjoy increased app revenues, while protecting their users from harmful content. Auto-redirects, malware, offensive content, phishing scams and much more are blocked using AdView’s advanced ad-quality detector tools. Real-time scanning technology, SDK blocking features, content guidelines are some of the tools in AdView’s arsenal that ensure the quality of ads.


About AdView Technology

Founded in 2010, AdView Technology is a globally leading, mobile first and mobile in-app only ad tech company. AdView Technology runs one of the world largest independent mobile programmatically advertising marketplace and is pioneering in the programmatic ad tech world. AdView Technology’s mission is to establish a seamless tunnel and bridge the gap between the global supply and demand through relentless innovation on programmatic ad technology and global infrastructure.