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Allow publishers to increase monetization opportunities across OS and devices.

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AdView SDKs Benefit One: Targeting high quality audience data delivers more relevant ads

Our unique SDKs allow us to extract proper data from devices, while we can also collect consumer behavioral data across the AdView Marketplace. These data give tremendous audience characteristics visibility and enable our advertisers to deliver customized and highly relevant ads to the users.

AdView SDKs Benefit Two: Fighting Non-Human Traffic and Improving Consumer Engagement

Non-human traffic (NHT) degrades the value of the advertising industry as a whole. Malicious bots can misrepresent themselves to users. Beyond generating waste and distrust, it undermines the integrity of viewability and consumer engagement metric and hurts both buyers and sellers. The AdView SDKs for publisher works behind the scenes, raising the bar on suspicious activity, giving media buyers and sellers a trusted method to better protect their traffic and campaigns from IVT threats.

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