OpenRTB creates a lingua franca between buyers and sellers

Its efficiency, along with its advantages for both advertisers (quick access to competitively priced ad space) and publishers (greater yield on inventory combined with data monetization possibilities), have pushed RTB and programmatic to new heights.

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AdView OpenRTB API (Global Version): Completely Standard OpenRTB 2.5 Compatible

OpenRTB 2.5 includes updates that integrate current trends and allows for improvements in programmatic technology. Release highlights include:
IAB New Ad Portfolio Support – integrating flexible aspect-ratio based ads into the bid object
Video Placement Type Support – adding visibility into what type of placement a VAST (video ad serving template) tag is running in accordance to the IAB digital video glossary
Header Bidding Support – allowing for a signal when a bid request is originated from an upstream decisioning implementation like header bidding
Historic Metrics Support – whereby exchanges can pass historic metrics such as viewability or click through rate

Download AdView OpenRTB API

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